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The Diversity of the Rogue – Part 2

March 27, 2011 - 3:06 pm No Comments

The Diversity of the Rogue

First things first, if you didn’t catch part 1 of this series, you can read all about Rogue tanking and ranged DPS options inĀ Die by the Arrow at Tank Telara. Here in part 2, we will talk about the different styles of melee dps and the unique support roles that can be built with Rogue souls.

Die by the Blade

While the Rogue clearly excels beyond any class at ranged dps, the Rogue is equally at home with cold steel in its hands. With many different souls to choose from, there are different styles of fighting that the Rogue can take on. The Assassin, for example, wields big attacks from behind and poisons the enemy while a Blade Dancer is at home in front of the enemy with fast flashes of steel and quick parries that are especially suited to soloing. Choose your weapon. (more…)

The Diversity of the Rogue – Part 1

March 19, 2011 - 1:12 pm No Comments

The Diversity of the Rogue

The Soul Tree in RIFT is possibly the deepest, most customizable, and most confusing character development system ever released in an MMO. With eight PVE souls to choose from for each calling, it is quite easy to fill the six character slots on a single account each with a very unique character. With 66 points to play with and a possible four roles to build, just a single character can be exceptionally diverse. While clerics hold the crown of multi-role enjoyment (they can pull off the trifecta of tank, healer, and dps), rogues can handily fill the role of tank or dps and can also fill in as a support healer.

None of the callings have as diverse a dps repertoire as the rogue. The rogue can fill any dps role and each soul brings a unique approach – from assassin’s stealth and poison attacks to the bladedancer’s rapid flash of steel and the ranger’s awesome pets to the marksman’s death by arrow. By incorporating the riftstalker’s tanking trees, the rogue can even excel as a group’s tank or even take on huge groups of enemies alone. Click through the cut for more on the diversity of the rogue.


Still Here

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On the plains of Moonshade

I haven’t died or anything folks, I’ve just been very busy with getting my guild’s website and Twitter feed put together and figuring out how I am going to either come up with double the content or how I want to syndicate my content from Die by the Arrow. I will have more entries up soon!

On Breaking Norms

March 8, 2011 - 10:09 pm No Comments

Random Fire Invasion_01

Today I want to talk about Trion Worlds changing fundamental maxims about MMOs, particularly one about quests: never interrupt a player who is questing.

Will Cook, the lead dynamic content designer, spoke specifically about this in interviews with Yogscast and IncGamers. Particularly in the IncGamers interview, Cook says, “It used to be seen as a maxim that you can’t have bad guys on the road; you can’t have monsters attacking a quest hub because you should not ever interrupt the player while they are questing.” Contrary to my wife’s opinion on this matter, I think it is great that Trion is breaking the unspoken rules and taking RIFT to a whole new level of “living world.” Join me after the cut for more about this typical MMO maxim.


Telara, We Have Liftoff!

March 2, 2011 - 11:14 am No Comments

Not the Laser Beam

I found a gigantic laser beam on top of the mountains in Silverwood. It’s right near the “highest point.” Now, as a guardian, the first thing I thought was “What in the heck are these Sanctum guards doing with a laser beam?” Natrually, the Sanctum guard would of course immediately try to Jedi mind trick me. I suppose we must be up there to destroy Defiant tech… so why wasn’t it destroyed? Hmmmm….

Today is the official launch day for RIFT. Trion decided to be prepared this time and opened 31 more servers for launch… bringing the total to 99. That is an insane number of opening day servers. While the headstart launch was a bit of a queue-fest (to say the least), I hope 99 servers doesn’t thin out the population so much that some servers are left with too little of a community to get things done. Click through to read about today’s topics: dungeons and features I’d like to see added sooner rather than later.


One day left on headstart

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Scarlet Underground takes down Fae Lord Twyl

The RIFT headstart ends in just about a day. Will there be another onrush of people jumping into RIFT or have we already seen the majority of our initial population rush? Who knows, but RIFT definitely has a very healthy launch population. The queues have mostly subsided from the look of the server status page; even Wolfsbane has finally seen a calm period without any bit of queue at all.

So how is it? RIFT is pretty fully the next great MMO. With a concerted effort to squash bugs, implement new features, and add content, the game has great staying power. There is already a ton to do in-game, from crafting to artifact collecting to quests, of course, the big draw is the rifts! Rifts everywhere – footholds, rift tears, and especially the invasions – keep everyone busy at all times. Read through the cut for more first impressions.