Telara, We Have Liftoff!

March 2, 2011 - 11:14 am No Comments

Not the Laser Beam

I found a gigantic laser beam on top of the mountains in Silverwood. It’s right near the “highest point.” Now, as a guardian, the first thing I thought was “What in the heck are these Sanctum guards doing with a laser beam?” Natrually, the Sanctum guard would of course immediately try to Jedi mind trick me. I suppose we must be up there to destroy Defiant tech… so why wasn’t it destroyed? Hmmmm….

Today is the official launch day for RIFT. Trion decided to be prepared this time and opened 31 more servers for launch… bringing the total to 99. That is an insane number of opening day servers. While the headstart launch was a bit of a queue-fest (to say the least), I hope 99 servers doesn’t thin out the population so much that some servers are left with too little of a community to get things done. Click through to read about today’s topics: dungeons and features I’d like to see added sooner rather than later.

Just a few days ago, I ventured into a dungeon for the first time. I hadn’t tried any out during any of the beta events and so this was an entirely new experience in RIFT. What made it even better was running it with a full guild group. I have to say, it was a refreshing change from the arbitrary setup dungeons force groups into in other MMOs. Group makeup still consists of healer-tank-dps, but the lines between each role are much more blurred in RIFT then any other game I’ve played.

I ran Realm of the Fae twice. The first time I went in my ranger spec doing all out dps. Our tank was the traditional style – a reaver/paladin build. The healer was also a standard issue cleric healer spec. The dungeon went smooth as butter, wiping only once due to a little overzealous movement. Note: it is a valuable move to pull enemies back when you have lots of roaming patrols! The second time I went with my riftstalker build, which is a rogue tank soul. The healers were less defined, running with a chloromancer dps build, a cleric damage-to-heal build, and the same cleric from the previous group in a different spec with more focus on buffing. Again, the dungeon was smooth and even faster since we all knew what to expect.

The TL;DR of it is that it feels like dungeons are infinitely more forgiving in RIFT then in games like World of Warcraft and Vanguard – two games with notoriously difficult dungeons and a reliance on the healer-tank-dps trifecta. RIFT really allows groups to build around the strengths of the players and while you still need a healer and a tank and some dps – you don’t have to have the sword and board plate tank, main-tank healer, and all out dps classes.

Now things I would love to see come to RIFT as soon as possible. Number one requested item in my guild: enemy nameplates a la TidyPlates or DocsNameplates. Esepcially for tanks, we need to see all the enemy names around us and what their health is at. When we see an enemy we don’t have targeted losing health quickly, we know we need to switch and focus on it or dps is about to die. This isn’t possible in RIFT and a good reason why Trion should allow addons.

The number two request is a guild bank. It is entirely likely that Trion will be implementing a guild bank. I expect to see it in the very near future. With so many crafting materials, augments, and especially artifacts, no game has needed a guild bank more than this one. If it isn’t in the plan right now, I sincerely hope Trion puts this at the top of the priority list.

Lastly, and my personal number one request, Power Auras. Oh my god how this game simply screams for Power Auras. Every class I have played so far has had more than a few abilities that apply short duration buffs or debuffs. Especially with buffs, it is next to impossible to keep track of them consistently. We absolutely need an interface to create auras and alerts to let us know when our buffs (at least buffs, but hopefully target debuffs as well) are about to expire. This is another area addon developers can help take the load of Trion.

That’s all for today. Next time I’ll be talking about tanking in Telara – from the perspective of a tank who insists on bucking the trends of the classic sword and board.

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