Another 50 Later and Finally a Raid

June 15, 2011 - 7:23 pm No Comments

Hitting 50 a second time, even though it was another rogue, was actually just as exciting as it was the first time – this time it was even a bit more fun because I hit the mark while my friend 3,000 miles away was in the group with me. The refreshing thing about being level 50 this time is that I’m not trying to run my own guild; this time I found a great group of folks in the guild Fatality. And with Fatality, I finally got a taste of raiding in RIFT.

That’s not to say there wasn’t a fair share of difficulty on the way. All the way from the mid-30s to the late 40s I was constantly struggling with questing. I always seemed to have quests three levels higher than me which made killing even single mobs a task. At level 49, I had to grind about 80% of the level just killing mobs. It was 318 mobs… not that I was counting or anything. Read through the cut for my first impressions on what it means to raid in RIFT.

To say I was thrown into the fire would be no misinterpretation… my first raid was Greenscale’s Blight – Duke Letareus to be exact. Fatality had one night of attempts prior to this run, so this was still guild first territory. Here I am, sporting my mostly green gear and about 220 DPS, running into a 20-man dungeon with no prior experience even in a tier 2 dungeon, let alone a raid. That’s not enough for the rookie; I was put on frog duty, pulling the shamblers to the off tank as well as marking their target order. I took it all in stride quite well, I’m proud to say, and I had an absolute blast on my first raid experience in RIFT.

The fight dynamics for the Duke are not something to scoff at. Like any other well designed raid, the Duke fight has many nuances that have to be locked down by the entire party to succeed. What Trion has done well is make the fight difficult but yet still make it fun, something that I really felt was lacking in the Cataclysm raids of World of Warcraft. With the latest WoW raids, there simply was no room for any mistake – one wrong move even late in the fight and it was all over. There’s no fun in repeating the same thing over and over and over without a win when even the slightest error triggers defeat. Fatality wiped three times, each time nearly winning despite mistakes made. In winning round, as you can see in the video, two people died yet victory was still secured. It shows that player skill is not all about not making mistakes, but recovering from the mistakes to still pull out a win. That, my friends, is what makes raiding fun.

At the end of the night, I’d discovered a new love for a game that I already adored. Here I thought the end game would be just a repetition of the same old stuff mimicked from those other guys. Granted, I’ve only downed one boss, but that one boss instilled faith in me that Trion knows what they are doing when it comes to raids. And the great thing about it, there is already so much raiding content to do in RIFT that it will likely be a long time before that feeling of repetition kicks in. With more raid content already on the wings of 1.3, it’s a promising end-game future for RIFT.

The Future of Awesomesauce

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