Being Defiant

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Meridian Portcullis

There comes a time in every Guardian’s life when he begins to question the motives of The Vigil and wonders if being the long arm of divine justice is really justice at all. It is in that moment that the weak souls will brush aside their concerns and blindly continue to follow orders. But the strongest souls (you know, rangers, marksman… souls like that) investigate their suspicions by donning the veil of technology and going behind enemy lines to determine how “unholy” the defiant truly are. Yes, I’m a switcher… again.

Well, I’m a hobbyist switcher anyway. For the most part, I rolled up an Eth rogue to put in a little playtime with my real life friend, Newcast. Hobby turned into project and I’ve put in quite a bit of time playing my Eth. Level 30 already in just a few short days – I know, that’s not as fast as Laughter but that’s pretty quick for a man like me! I’ve even joined up with a raiding guild (Fatality, Regulos-Defiant). So the investigation of the Defiant goes on as I explore Telara as an Eth and hopefully get in some dungeon and raid time with my new friends. Jump the cut for my first impressions of the Defiant leveling experience.

Leveling Defiant

All through beta I played Defiant, however, I never got out of Freemarch. There have been some changes since beta (thank god for that portal over by the cheese guy) but for the most part, the 1-20ish experience remains the same. You even finish most of the zone achievements without trying. If there is one thing to complain about, I couldn’t find a place to “rest” anywhere near the starting area… the closest spot I found was all the way in Meridian. It only took me a day to finish all of Freemarch, collect my additional souls, and move on to Stonefield.

Here’s where I hit the snag. At about level 21, I was hitting the Granite Falls quest hub. Unfortunately, the quests there are level 24 and taking out level 24 mobs at level 21 is a bit difficult, even with 13 points in Riftstalker (combo point heals). I’m not sure why this gap occurred. I never experienced a quest gap leveling as a Guardian. In any case, I actually did a little pvp to fill in the gap… and I hate pvp, mostly because I’m really terrible at it. I spent enough time in warfronts to gain another level and my pvp soul and went back to my questing. Aside from that one gap, it’s been smooth, although at level 29 the quests were again three levels higher – at this point my build was sufficient to handle it.

After Stonefield, the Scarlet Gorge experience is much different for Defiant compared to Guardian. Namely, it’s incredibly short. The zone achievement is only 38 quests and I easily squashed that in a matter of hours. In fact, I already had a breadcrumb quest to Scarwood Reach before I even began questing in the Gorge. So with a quick pitstop in the Gorge, I’m now questing out in Scarwood Reach, which has a more-of-the-same feel compared to the Guardian experience.

Market Changes

It’s interesting to note, the artifact market on the Defiant side of Regulos is very different than the Guardian side on Corthana. I have made a small fortune on artifacts on Corthana, but on Regulos sales are very slow. I’ve not been able to sell a green arty for more than a platinum whereas on Corthana I can easily score 2-4. Whether this is a Defiant characteristic or just a poor market on Regulos, I’m unsure.


The Future of Awesomesauce

As I made a note of in my last post, World of Awesomesauce is about to undergo the transition to a different name, Die by the Arrow. Once I have the time to redesign the site graphics, I will be pushing this live. World of Awesomesauce was fitting as a World of Warcraft-focused blog, but it just doesn’t feel right for a RIFT blog. Die by the Arrow will allow me to continue with RIFT as well as allow me to branch out into other games in the future without having to change the name. Plus, my “DbtA” logo looks much cooler than my WoA brand!

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  1. Aalwein Says:

    Little update: I only made it halfway through level 30 before I hit another quest gap. Perspice in Scarlet Gorge eventually rolls up some level 34 quests, but I was only level 30 when I picked them up. Can’t find any other quests to do. Seems like the Defiant questing flow needs some work… I never had these issues leveling as a Guardian.


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