The Soloing Rogue: Melee

June 20, 2011 - 5:39 pm No Comments

Soloing Rogue: Melee

It’s time for my first full-scale guide. This guide will include macros, soul design, and pointers on what exactly to do with it. Eventually, in future revisions, I may include some video references.

This build is great for soloing, especially for the daily reputation grind. It works great for questing but it doesn’t have the best DPS output in the early stages. It really comes into its own at around the point you get Reprisal from the Bladedancer tree. The overall design of this build is that Assassin brings stealth capability and overall damage bonus, Riftstalker provides survivability and healing, while Bladedancer does the bulk of the damage output. Read through the cut for the details on this powerful spec for the soloing rogue.

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