Addons Arrive – Let the Game Begin

October 6, 2011 - 12:42 pm No Comments

First Addons 1.5

While everyone is out and about mastering the new Marksman builds and giddily skipping along with massive amounts new-found DPS, another grand feature was added when patch 1.5 went live – addons! A mainstay in many MMOGs, addons have been in alpha testing on PTS for some time now, meaning there are already a good handful of addons available for download.

Trion and lead addon developer Zorba the Hut have been hard at work to bring us an awesome Lua API that is powerful enough to provide what we need without being too powerful and falling into the problems experienced by World of Warcraft. While the current slew of addons are nothing ground-breaking, they bring welcome customization to a Trion UI that has many failings. Hit the jump to get a feel for addons and find out what I’m currently using.

Like any new system, the first bunch of addons are not without their bugs. The addon developers over at RIFTUI and Curse are hard at work getting out useful, bug free addons. Not to mention Trion is still calling the current iteration of addons a beta, so with new API changes happening all the time, addons are bound to have issues. Beware, early adopter, for there will be growing pains.

That said, there are already several very useful and extremely functional addons available. A pair of damage meters are already top downloads. We have a popular buff bar alternative. Along with these we have cast bar replacements, unit frames, buff monitors, and even a stop watch. These last few are what I am currently using. Here’s my list so far:

  1. nkRebuff (formerly nkRogue): This addon tracks any buffs you care to track. I use it to monitor Shadow Fire and Bestial Fury for my Marksman, and also to track my Riftstalker buffs when tanking.
  2. MinUI: A simple unit frames addon that gets more powerful with every update. This addon is still very limited and cannot be used to entirely replace the default frames because it does not properly interact with the mouse yet (meaning no right click or left click functions). In the image on this post, you can see how I got around the issue until the addon is fully functioning.
  3. Target Casting Bar: Required if you use MinUI (as it does not have a cast bar component), this addon makes your target’s cast indicator larger and movable. If you are on interrupt or purge duty, this addon can make identifying the cast easier and “up-in-your-face” if necessary.

Remember, not only are these addons still very new, the code addons use is also still continuously developing. Expect bugs. Expect errors. Do NOT rely on these addons during your progression raiding. Given some time to mature, addons will eventually become just as integrated and useful as they have become in other games. For now, keep on eye on your favorite UI site and Die By The Arrow for updates. Enjoy what limited features they have now and experiment with a setup that works best for your play style.

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