Comprehensive 1.5 Marksman Guide

October 3, 2011 - 12:36 pm 10 Comments

Playing Rogue: Marksman

The Comprehensive 1.5 Marksman Guide

Thanks to changes in the 1.5 patch, Rogue DPS became a whole lot more versatile. Before this patch, the best ranged spec (as by the traditional bow/gun concept) a Rogue could come up with was the Sozu Ranger build. While this build pumped out respectable numbers, it was never anywhere close to the top of the chart. This left raiding rogues only two real options – the Hoko Sab or Sabdancer builds.

Since 1.5, Rogue DPS has become much more diverse for both melee and ranged. Rogues have been presented with a plethora of new builds; surprisingly, almost all of them have been within a few hundred DPS of each other. This has given Rogues a ton of options to use in end-game raiding. Marksman has come out of the gates with a huge reception, coupling giant DPS numbers and huge group utility. Read through the cut for the 1.5

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10 Responses to “Comprehensive 1.5 Marksman Guide”

  1. East Clintwood Says:

    Great article – clear, concise and extremely well-informed and helpful.


  2. Muthy Says:

    thank you for the in depth article!

    1 question though. is it worth it to use Dead Eye Shot in the HeadShot build with no Blighted Marksman Crystal?


    Aalwein Reply:

    The Marksman Crystal only affects Empowered Shot, so it has no real impact on whether you use Deadeye or Head Shot. Deadeye Shot hits harder then Head Shot, especially since you have Killer Instinct and Sniper Training – you should only be hitting Head Shot when refreshing Bestial Wrath or when on the run, no matter what Crystal you are using.


    Muthy Reply:


    I had been using

    cast Rapid Fire Shot
    cast Bull’s Eye
    cast Head Shot

    as my finisher macro since i had 2 in Bestial Wrath and no crystal(since you have to use marksman finisher to proc the instant ES) and parsing very well and able to stay very mobile. i’ll switch to Dead Eye Shot and test it


    cast Rapid fire Shot
    cast bull’s eye
    cast Dead eye shot
    cast head shot

    be good? you could just run a sec to make it cast head shot when needed


    Aalwein Reply:

    Bull’s Eye states in the tooltip that “the outcome of the next Marksman’s damaging ability to be a Critical Hit.” Head Shot isn’t a Marksman ability so Bull’s Eye shouldn’t affect it. So your new macro would be much better (but “Deadeye” is one word).

    I had Bull’s Eye in my macro for Deadeye but I took it out. I can’t remember WHY I took it out – I think it was just clunky in a button you tend to mash. I moved it to Strafe to “forget and use” it, but this is simply personal preference.


  3. Skepsis Says:

    Problem is, with the 14 points in ranger, you don’t pick up Bestial Fury with exposure, to be 100% effective in a raid setting you need all 4 points there, so you can’t get the 2/2 needed for the 100% up time.


    Aalwein Reply:

    I addressed those facts when I discussed the different options.


  4. Blackdow Says:

    I macro Shadow Fire in my combo-point macro so I dont have to remember to keep it up when things get hairy.


  5. Blackdow Says:

    Oh, also, I never get to Hasted Shot in your macro, it cycles between rapid fire and deadeye…one of those is always off cooldown.


    Aalwein Reply:

    That would be bad copy and paste from when I was writing the guild up in Word.

    You would remove Headshot from the macro in any build without Headshot (such as Exposure builds) or when using the Marksman Synergy Crystal. In the case of the MM crystal, you’d have Headshot on its own button or perhaps macroed after Strafe.


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