Playing Rogue: Builds

Playing Rogue: Builds

Updated 4 November 2011

Playing Rogue: Build Your Own Hero

One of the things that sets RIFT apart from the other MMOs is the deep character customization made possible by the soul system. With the possibility of five roles on any one character, eight souls can make for a very versatile player. These are the rogue builds that I am currently running around Telara with. I tweak them from time to time to test certain things out, but for the most part, these are the specs that I always return to.

I’ve got a lot of specs and I’ve spent a lot of time at the dummies and in GSB testing them out (I have two level 50 rogues – one of each faction). I keep them updated here.

Riftstalker (51) / Bladedancer (8) / Ranger (7)


Tank build. I finally bucked the idea of not going 51 into Riftstalker and it has been a good decision overall. The 51 point is not an absolute have-to-have ability, however, so the 49 point alternate build is still perfectly viable. Keep in mind, this build has no interrupt or silence, so pulling multiple ranged casters can be tricky without help from the party. If you absolutely need the interrupt, go with a simple 51 RS / 15 BD spec. With 1.5, Riftstalker got it’s own interrupt, so going deep into BD is no longer necessary.

1.5 Changes: None yet. The build is still solid and with the massive changes to Riftstalker in 1.5, Rogue tanks are ridiculously better equipped for tanking.

Ranger (37) / Marksman (29)


READ THE GUIDE .. The new Deep Ranger build utilizes the best in both Ranger and Marksman. This build is highly mobile (much more so then 51 Marksman builds), pet friendly, and absolutely crushes AOE DPS charts. This build is great for any group content and provides you with a strong pet for solo encounters. If you were a big fan of the Sozu Ranger build before 1.5 made the Marksman so popular, this is a build that can stand up to Marksman DPS and surpass it in the right conditions. Updated for 1.5

Bladedancer (32) / Assassin (21) / Riftstalker (13)


READ THE GUIDE .. This is my soloing/daily quest grind spec. Improved stealth capability, self healing from combo points, and insane dps from the BD tree. This spec can go raid-ready if you change Riftstalker to Nightblade. This build is super for sneaking off to “defile the offering!”

1.5 Changes: The Cuisinart build has more room to play with due to buffs to the DPS output of both BD and Sin. With this in mind, I’m in the process of building a better soloing option that goes deeper into RS to gain the capability of tanking random elite mobs. Stay tuned.

Bard (51) / Nightblade (8) / Ranger (7)

S U P P O R T / H E A L S

READ THE GUIDE .. Standard bard healer/support build. This one does the job and can actually pull quite a decent HPS number for a non-healer role. Takes damage modifier from ranged weapon instead of melee main hand. While the Barddancer pulls more overall DPS, this build is ranged and requires much less maintenance to perform adequately.

1.5 Changes: None likely. 1.5 did not bring any significant changes to the raiding Bard. The builds remain the same. A Rogue with very high attack power might see an improvement going with a 10 MM / 5 RS build, however, the average Rogue will see an overall loss in HPS.

51 Marksman / 15 Ranger Guide


READ THE GUIDE .. The new standard in ranged DPS, the 51 Marksman introduces incredible versatility, a cornucopia of utility, and monster DPS. 51 Marksman can be paired with Ranger or Assassin, the former being better DPS while the latter is a breeze to manage. This isn’t the old Marksman build Rangers used to make fun of – the newly improved Marksman is no joke and has become a very common sight in 10- and 20-man raid content. New in 1.5


The builds below are just some ideas I’m throwing around and testing here and there. If I find unique situations where they come in handy, I will be tossing them around in my fifth role. These builds will likely never be a “top dps” spec and will probably never match an equally geared rogue of one of the cookie-cutter “top dps specs.” Read over the descriptions for details on when, where, and why I use the particular build.

Riftstalker (26) / Marksman (22) / Nightblade (18)


Buffs: Fell Blades, Vampric Munitions, Planebound Resilience, Guardian Phase

This is my “lol-pvp” spec. It is not going to top any charts. What it will do is annoy the ever living hell out of the opposing force’s healers. It will apply double 50% healing debuffs that also return 50% of the heals to the Rogue. With the defensive and plane shifting powers of Riftstalker and Fan Out from Marksman, this build is meant for the Rogue to run around the warfront, spamming Fan Out, and plane shifting away from danger while the healers curse at you. Expect it to be nerfed eventually.


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  2. Arogue Says:

    Love your RIFT site for Rogues; I am hoping you will do a refresh for 1.8! Great work on these and look forward to future updates to your guides etc.


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