Playing Rogue: Ranger

Playing Rogue: Ranger

Way of the Hunter

With all the buzz about Marksman, the former standard for Rogue ranged DPS – Ranger (no, we don’t really count the Sabo as ranged DPS here!) – has been a bit under-represented. Before the changes 1.5 brought to Marksman, Ranger was the only Rogue soul that truly excelled at arrows and bullets combat. The Sozu ranger build was king and Marksman was merely a laughed about sub-soul to bring a purge to kill Uruluuk. Now the Marksman talk overshadows Ranger and little attention has gone their way.

There is hope for the pet loving players, however. The 39 point Deep Ranger build brings plenty to the table. In fact, this build can do comparable single target DPS to the 51 Marksman builds and even surpass them in fights with a lot of movement. The reason for this is that damage bonus is dumped into Shadow Fire, instead of Master Archer. Since Shadow Fire is a timed buff and not restricted to standing still, a Ranger on the move will beat out a Marksman on the move.

The More, The Deadlier

The big thing Ranger brings is huge, target-limitless AOE damage. This build will smash the Marksmen when there’s more then 8 targets to hit. Rain of Arrows is now a spammable, unlimited target AOE attack. Think about the Matron battle… 25 to 30 mobs… all of them taking near 1000 damage a seceond. That’s 25 to 35 THOUSAND DPS, for those without a calculator. Try matching that, Marksman!

The niche comes during boss fights that have “extra stuff” to kill. Think Oracle and her wisps, or Zilas and his companions. A Ranger can spam Trick Shot to splash damage to adds while still focusing on the boss, maintaining finishers and other focused damage on the boss. But lets be honest, AOE is situational at best, and at worst something to pad the meters with. Single target DPS is most often the important statistic. The 37 Ranger build is more then capable of pulling off plenty of this, albeit slightly less then the Marksman in most situations.

Primary Soul: 37 Ranger

So why such an odd number in Ranger? Basically, for the damage bonus Shadow Fire provides and simply because that’s really the minimum number of points to get the most important abilities from the tree. There really isn’t any wasted points here. Obviously, the Blood Raptor is your pet of choice and Hasten Call is integral for those moments when you don’t call it off fast enough. Doubleshot, once a wasted talent, is now well worth the points.

  • 29 Marksman

In the Marksman tree, you are taking every talent that boosts any ranged attacks. At the top, you’ll want Rapid Extrication to get more Rapid Fire Shot finishers and Sniper Training affects both Rain of Arrows and Shadow Fire. With 29 points, you gain the utility of a ranged interrupt/silence and Crossfire for knocking back enemies. The downside is you miss out on Eradicate and Repelling Shot.

  • Variations

If you aren’t so concerned about AOE damage, you have two points from Collateral Damage to play with. If you reinvest them in Marksman you have several options… Bull’s Eye, Repelling Shot, On the Double, or topping off Killer Instinct. You can move ONE point over to Ranger but remember not to drop below 28 points in Marksman or you lose Rending Munitions. The points are probably better left somewhere in Marksman, anyway.

Crystals and Rotation Options

Much like the 51 Marksman / 15 Ranger builds, this deep Ranger build can use the Ranger or Marksman rotation. Like the Marksman prototype, if you plan to use Empowered Shot, use the Marksman synergy crystal. If you chose to stick with the Ranger rotation and not use Empowered Shot, use your Ranger synergy crystal. The DPS difference between the two is marginal at best; chose the rotation that you are most comfortable with.

Again, the Predatory Soulstone (Ranger greater essence) is pure awesome for this build.

37 Ranger / 29 Marksman

Point Builder:
#show Crippling Shot
cast Crippling Shot
cast Piercing Shot
cast Quick Shot
#show Rapid Fire Shot
cast Rapid Fire Shot
cast Deadeye Shot
cast Head Shot

Buffs: Rending Munitions, Electrified Munitions, Predatory Instincts
Synergy Crystal: Blighted Ranger Crystal

Standard Rotation: Shadow Fire (on cooldown) > Point Builder to 5 > Finisher
Burn Rotation: None available
AOE Rotation (<5 mobs): Lightning Fury > Trick Shot x5 > Concussive Shot >
LF > TS x5 > RFS
AOE Rotation (5+ mobs): Spam Rain of Arrows

NOTES: If you want to use the Marksman rotation, simply use the Marksman synergy crystal, add Empowered Shot to your rotation, and replace Head Shot with Hasted Shot in the finisher macro. Remember to use Head Shot to reapply Bestial Wrath every 60 seconds.

Playing Rogue: Ranger

That about does it. I don’t have any parses at the ready for this, but I can tell you on Blackwater’s initial attempts at Matron Zamira, this build absolutely annihilates Marksmen and just about everyone else. The closest competition I had was from our uber Beastmaster warrior. I jumped from around 1800 DPS with 51 MM/ 15 RA to topping 2800 sustained DPS by the end of the fight (granted, this was only after one wave of children spawns – I did say it was our initial attempts!). During the mass add phase, I spiked up over 18k DPS – closest during that period was a Pyromancer at 13k while the Marksmen were at a distant 6-7k.

Remember, every build has its moments. The deep Ranger build absolutely shines when there is any amount of AOE, in both boss splash damage and in mass group situations. In a stand-still, pewpew, single target fight, Marksman is sure to surpass, but the Ranger can hold his own – and even out-perform when movement is a factor. This is why we have five roles to play with, right?


As always, please leave your comments and questions below. If you have any ideas on how to tweak the build, let me know.

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  2. Die by the Arrow » Blog Archive » Playing Rogue: Ranger Says:

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  3. Muthy Says:

    nice guide as always

    how does this compare single target and aoe to 38m/28rang?

    I know your guide is focused on Ranger/Raptor but I only leave room for one other ranged build lol


    Aalwein Reply:

    Neither my build nor Hoko’s is going to regularly beat a 51MM in a stand still fight (like he claims). Just isn’t going to happen. The difference in Electrified Munitions alone is enough to spot the MM when moving, let alone when standing still.

    It’s possible in very high end gear (again, up around that 1800 attack power mark) that the 38m/28r build could beat 37r/29m, but I’m not writing guides for the top 1% of the game population — they should already know what they are doing! For the other 99%, 37/29 will be preferred.


  4. Mooin Says:

    Hi All, Just joined. Wondering wheres the best places to go to get Rogue rotations and builds for 1.6 as all Im finding is peoples personal beliefs in their own build without tests to show the real benefits and damage and so on. I just noticed as well that the info here is for 1.5, Is there an update soon for 1.6. Im going to try the 39 Rng/ 27 MM build listed to see what it does. I have no idea where to go to do tests on a build so I can verify the info gathered. I’ll get back here to post again as soon as I can to let you know. E-mail if you like “site admin”


    Aalwein Reply:

    There were no changes mechanics-wise to the Marksman or Ranger in 1.6 so rotations, builds, etc. will remain unchanged. There were changes to certain abilities that reduced our overall damage output and the Hammerknell crystal bonus was reduced, but they don’t affect the builds really.

    The best places for Rogue info is the official forums – you just need to weed through the crap posts from actual useful information.


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