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Addons Arrive – Let the Game Begin

October 6, 2011 - 12:42 pm No Comments

First Addons 1.5

While everyone is out and about mastering the new Marksman builds and giddily skipping along with massive amounts new-found DPS, another grand feature was added when patch 1.5 went live – addons! A mainstay in many MMOGs, addons have been in alpha testing on PTS for some time now, meaning there are already a good handful of addons available for download.

Trion and lead addon developer Zorba the Hut have been hard at work to bring us an awesome Lua API that is powerful enough to provide what we need without being too powerful and falling into the problems experienced by World of Warcraft. While the current slew of addons are nothing ground-breaking, they bring welcome customization to a Trion UI that has many failings. Hit the jump to get a feel for addons and find out what I’m currently using.


Visualizing the Next Generation

April 6, 2011 - 1:50 am No Comments

Since I have been displaced from my home in Japan temporarily due to the earthquake and tsunami, I have had to cut back my gaming time; thus, I am going to break from regular rogue information and talk about a topic that has become very obvious to me since I am now forced to play on a laptop.

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Visualizing the Next Generation

A Review of the RIFT Graphics Engine

It seems like every new MMO that launches tries to make a claim to be the “next generation” of gaming. RIFT has for the most part taken the best aspects of other MMOs and refined them, making it less of a next generation game and more of a polished version of current generation. Where RIFT shines is in its graphics. When played with ultra settings, RIFT is simply gorgeous. Read on for the details about RIFT’s intense graphics customization capabilities. (more…)