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PTS 1.5 – First Look

September 10, 2011 - 3:14 pm No Comments

Playing on test server is a bit like watching preseason football: outcomes usually don’t mean squat when the regular season starts. But I’ve been painfully playing my Ranger for awhile now wondering when they were going to finally get buffed to be competitive; considering they fall far short of the dead-simple Hoko and Sabdancer builds, getting competitive in-class would be a great first step in getting the whole class competitive with warriors and mages. So I decided to roll up on PTS and see what’s new.

First Impressions

This is all from the first test build, which I’m sure will be far different then what hits live 2-3 weeks from now. Basically, bow using ranged rogues now find synergy between Marksman and Ranger – having to rely on Assassin for crit-enhancment is gone. In fact, relying on crit for DPS seems to be gone. Essentially now the trick is to find a balance between Ranger and Marksman so that you get enough bonus from Shadow Fire and Electrified Munitions to outweigh the crit bonuses from Assassin. Hit the jump to read the details on the first round of PTS testing.