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Zone Invasions are Hard to Solo

June 19, 2011 - 11:52 pm No Comments

Bugged Out Foothold

One of the acclaimed features of RIFT is the dynamic content – the thing that gives RIFT its name: rifts. I’ve done my fair share of raving in favor of invasions taking over quest hubs, building their own footholds, and rifts tearing open in the middle of quest areas – often right on top of the named mobs targeted by quest objectives. However, several months into the life of RIFT, they have become more than just an annoyance.

Part of the problem lies in the fact that I do most of my rifting in off-peak hours. Aside from Briarcliff and Wolfsbane (the unofficial Oceanic servers), just about every server drops into the low population category during the week from around 1am PST until noonish. This presents a problem when it comes to rifts and invasions because there is not enough people to fend off zone-wide events. And then there’s the bugs… like the one pictured in this post. A foothold with one invasion squad is feasible to solo – one bugged with 50 mobs surrounding it is a raid-caliber event. Read through the cut for more about off-peak gaming in Telara.


One day left on headstart

March 1, 2011 - 12:20 am No Comments

Scarlet Underground takes down Fae Lord Twyl

The RIFT headstart ends in just about a day. Will there be another onrush of people jumping into RIFT or have we already seen the majority of our initial population rush? Who knows, but RIFT definitely has a very healthy launch population. The queues have mostly subsided from the look of the server status page; even Wolfsbane has finally seen a calm period without any bit of queue at all.

So how is it? RIFT is pretty fully the next great MMO. With a concerted effort to squash bugs, implement new features, and add content, the game has great staying power. There is already a ton to do in-game, from crafting to artifact collecting to quests, of course, the big draw is the rifts! Rifts everywhere – footholds, rift tears, and especially the invasions – keep everyone busy at all times. Read through the cut for more first impressions.